Astor Wolfe

Nowhere Vast

I wrote Nowhere Vast for this compilation, drawing on newspaper clippings and newsreel clichés as well as my personal feelings throughout last year. The lyrics follow a few kindred spirits making their way through the season of fire, bound for Nowhere Vast - which maybe isn't the end of everything, but rather a point where something is about to be revealed.


I usually write new songs playing the harmonium. Weatherworn reflects this and was recorded live with little alteration - A frayed postcard from across a sundering sea.

Chronicling Spuria

A first demo offering from an album in progress, Chronicling Spuria is steeped in reveries and torn between worlds. Visions of tulip-adorned elks and drowned aeons, return and fade along a stream of subconsciousness.

Broomstar-stricken Year

An anthem in the light of this strange aeon we live in, envisioning a gathering beneath a phenomenon in the sky. We all join hands gazing into the dark, hearing the crackle of our hopes and horrors - mingling with the murmur of the heavenly spheres.

Toner Av Guld

Toner Av Guld roughly translates to Timbre Of Gold, and is a theme song written for the novel of the same name by Swedish fantasy and sci-fi author Lupina Ojala.

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